May 01, 2016 2 min read

Kickstarter Cajun Crate

Welcome to Cajun Crate! We are very excited to announce that we are launching on Kickstarter May 3!  

So what is Cajun Crate? A: Cajun Crate is a monthly surprise subscription box that will deliver a box of hand picked goods (food and drink items) that are made in LOUISIANA! 

We started by sourcing from the vendors at the Lafayette Farmers Market and started sourcing other Louisiana brands near and far. 
 Cajun Crate has 2 goals:
1. To share our love of Louisiana with EVERYONE!
2. We want to help our local economy by buying Local! 
There are many people across America who love Cajun food or are from Louisiana and have a hard time finding authentic Cajun products to cook with at home. Not only have we discovered that it is hard to find Cajun products outside of Louisiana, it has become difficult to find Louisiana products in Louisiana. People in North Louisiana can't find the same local products sold in South Louisiana and vice versa! This is a problem we want to solve!
We want to buy local so that the local guy can buy more from a local farmer or be able to afford to add new products to their line. Buying local benefits everyone with in Louisiana! We want to expose these made in Louisiana products to all areas of Louisiana and in the 49 other states!
Since Cajun Crate is a surprise subscription box, our subscribers will be able to discover new products each month from all areas of the state of Louisiana! Even better, if you find something you LOVE in the box then you will be able to come back to our online store to buy more of it!
Cajun Crate is teaming up with Louisiana Chefs to help us curate the boxes plus they are helping us create recipes to include in the box and our blog. Our blog will feature videos with the chefs cooking with ingredients from the box and you can find out more about the person/family/team behind your new favorite cajun products! 
We are going to Kickstarter May 3 at 5pm and we would appreciate your support! If you are interested in subscribing to Cajun Crate for yourself or for a gift make sure you back us! We plan on shipping our first box in August of 2016! These will make great gifts for any Cajun! 


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