August 21, 2018 3 min read

Our June Box was Grilling Themed and it was packed with some of our favorite items to break out and grill with! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see us UNBOX this Grilling Box!

First Out of the box:

Dr. Meaux's Jalapeño Mayo, made in Church Point, LA. Dr. Meaux's Jalapeno Mayo is an extraordinary blend of flavorful spices prized by cooks everywhere. Experience how much it actually enhances the flavor of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews, and salads – even barbecue and french fries! 

If you haven't tried this Mayo ... you should now! This is a top 10 item on the Cajun Crate website and people have said they like it even if they don't like regular mayo! 

Next up is Russels BBQ Sauce

Since 1974, Russell and his family have been creating and sharing their award-winning barbecue sauces in the heart of South Louisiana Cajun Country. Russell’s Cajun Sauces are the ultimate accompaniment to ribs, chicken, and pulled pork. Enjoy it on steaks and with your favorite seafood. 

We have been personally using Russel's BBQ sauce for a while now. We discovered them at the Lafayette Farmer's Market on Saturdays. We are so excited to finally have them in the Cajun Crate Family. If you liked this BBQ sauce make sure to try their spicy version!

Crystal Worcestershire Sauce can be used to tenderize and flavor-up all your meats, stir-frys, soups and stews. Robust and with just the right amount of tang, it's perfect for everything from meatloaf to party mix. It also makes a great marinade. 

If you didn't know Crystal's made other things besides Hot Sauce you should check out the Crystal's Collection on the store. They have hot sauce, soy sauce, and teriyaki sauce!

 Louisiana Fish Fry's BBQ Shrimp Sauce Mix is certainly a favorite! This pairs perfectly with the Crystal Worcestershire Sauce !

We had another product by Dr. Meaux, because it wouldn't be a grilling box without Hamburger seasoning!

Dr. Meaux's Hamburger Seasoning BarBQue Blend is an amazing blend of flavorful spices. Experience how much it actually enhances the flavor of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews, and salads – even barbecue and french fries! Use one packet of Dr. Meaux's Seasoning Blend for every 2 lbs of meat.

Looking for a new BBQ rub or seasoning that is great on EVERYTHING? Look no further than Daigle's Grilling Blend BBQ Rub! 

Cajun Grillin' Blend BBQ Seasoning Rubis Made with Sea Salt, and loaded with a combo of spices, seasonings, and herbs, that will add flavor to anything you want to BBQ or Grill! Knuckle Lickin' Good! Rub it all over Ribs, Chicken, & Pork! No MSG 

Cajun Power Pepper Jellyis a pepper jelly that's not too spicy and has the wonderful taste of jalapeño peppers? This pepper jelly is also made with the wonderful Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce. 

Use this pepper jelly as a glaze on your chicken wings or pork chop, or as a topping on your burger!

And last but not least we have the El Guapo Bitters Mixers! We featured their Hurrican mixer and Spiked Lemonade Mixer (because you need to keep cool while grilling).

Originally founded by a local bartender at a popular upscale restaurant in the French Quarter, El Guapo began commercial production in 2014. All ingredients are locally sourced and traceable to the farm level, or third party certified organic. The entire line is non-GMO and vegetarian, too. Winners of two 2018 Good Food Awards; Recently featured in Coastal Living, Southern Living, Cooking Light and Edible,  El Guapo is growing beyond its roots in the Gulf South region. 

We will be adding more El Guapo Bitters Mix to our online store soon. But for now, visit their website and check out all the bitters and mixers they have to offer!

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