Maddie Plauche

Maddie Plauche

In November, we featured Maddie Plauche as our Chef of the Month. While Maddie may not have attended culinary school yet she has already created a very popular line of products that are diet friendly to people with Inflammatory Bowl Disease (IBD).

We featured Maddie's Seasoned Butter in our November Box just in time for the holidays. It is perfect on rolls, as a turkey injector, on blackened fish and so much more.

At nine years old, Maddie was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, causing her to miss school often. With help from her father, Maddie started making a salad dressing that is diet friendly to people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). They started selling the dressing to raise money for her to attend Camp Oasis with other kids like herself. Her dressing became so popular, and they decided to add a creamy version and seasoned butter. They have sold over 4,000 bottles! Maddie is now able to handle her disease better and is even on her school's volleyball team.

Maddie continues to grow her business with the support from her family and the local community, along with raising funds and awareness for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. A portion of her sales go toward IBD awareness, and Maddie is also saving money for Culinary School when she is older.

"Through my blog and social media, I share what other kids and I go through. A portion of the proceeds from my sales goes towards sponsoring other kids to attend Camp Oasis and towards my culinary school savings. I hope to become a pastry chef one day. For now, I am learning a lot about business, raising funds and awareness for UC and Crohn's disease, and playing volleyball! " - Maddie Plauche

Cajun Crate is donating proceeds from Maddie's seasoned butter to her cause. You can purchase here products here and follower her on Facebook.
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