August 14, 2016 1 min read

Ryan Trahan is the owner, executive chef, and forager of southern goods for Dark Roux. He is the featured chef in our August and very first Cajun Crate. You may recognize him from our Kickstarter video or have eaten at his sustainably sourced, community restaurant, Dark Roux. 

We could tell you all about how Ryan is dedicated to sourcing the freshest, local ingredients within 150 miles of Lafayette, LA. Or we could tell you how each plate at Dark Roux tells a different story of the Louisiana growing season. However, today we want to tell you how Ryan and his team at Dark Roux showed up for their community.

The biggest flood the Acadiana area has seen in over a hundred years has left thousands  in need of shelter and food after they were evacuated from their homes. An apartment complex near the restaurant was evacuated and Dark Roux took to their Facebook page to welcome the stranded and flooded to shelter, water, and restrooms. Working with the fire department, they also set up Dark Roux as a place for buses to pick up and shuttle people to more permanent places for shelter.  

Dark Roux is one of those places that makes us feel really proud to be apart of this community! #LOUISIANASTRONG

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