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Cajun Bait Bundle (3 pack)

$ 15.00

1 - 8oz can Garlic Blend
1 - 8oz can Smoked Jalapeno
1 - 8oz can Sweet Creole Onion

Sweet Creole Onion Blend

Sweet Creole Onion Blend is GREAT with so many different foods! It pairs perfectly with pork, chicken, vegetables like; corn (especially sweet corn on the cob), tomato, and potato dishes. Marinating your onions with Sweet Creole Onion Blend will add an amazing depth of wonderful onion flavor to any meal! Great for marinating and injecting! 

Smoked Jalapeno Blend

This is a great smoke flavored seasoning with real Jalapeno flavor! It brings the heat, but does not overpower the flavor!!! You can get the smoke meat flavor without smoking your meat, or you can enhance the smoke flavor if you are smoking your meats!!! The possibilities are endless with this specialty seasoning blend. It is great on all types of meat like beef, pork, wild game, poultry, and yes even seafood (it is amazing with fish, boiled shrimp, and so many more)! It is definitely not limited to just meats either! It pairs excellently with vegetables and cheese dishes!

Cajun Bait Garlic Blend

Cajun Bait Garlic Blend seasoning is GREAT for seasoning anything! It's a great all-purpose seasoning blend with true garlic flavor. This blend goes with any type of beef, pork, poultry, seafood, wild game, and vegetables. Great for marinating and injecting as well!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Full of flavor and makes your meal fit for a king!

Should be in every store!


Good stuff

Great seasonings

Great stuff

Good on anything

Will be getting some more soon.

Best Ever

Super service. Cajun Bait is just delicious on everything. All 3 blends are great. My order arrived quickly which I appreciate. Thanks for a great product & great service.