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Cajun Power Seafood Gumbo

Bring your family together each night for a meal that normally takes hours to prepare. We say normally because these mixes take only minutes to make. Give yourself a break and let us make dinner for you tonight. All of Cajun Powers' stews, gumbos, rice dressing mixes and sauce piquant are already seasoned and loaded with fresh vegetables. All you do is add the meat or seafood and you're done. It's just the way Chef Caro would prepare it for Sunday dinner.

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Geaux Cajun Power

My family likes gumbo but the time it takes to make a good roux limits the frequency we get to enjoy it. I picked this up while in Louisiana and thought, I'd give it a try. WHAT A HIT! I
used a couple of different recipes to create my own version, and used this instead of making roux. My family said it was the best yet! I'm ordering more to have on hand. We like to have a Cajun dish for good luck before our beloved New Orleans Saints play. Well, done Cajun Power. Hope you get distribution in the Dallas area soon.

Gumbo mix in the jar

I loved it will be buying more

A Substitute For The Real Deal

It will do if you don’t have time to make your homemade rough...