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Good prices, great shipping

This was my first buy from Cajun Crate and I was generally pleased with everything. The pricing was fair and the product is exactly what I wanted. If I can commend Cajun Crate it would be on the great protection they shipped my jars in. The box was beat all to pieces when it arrived from the carrier and I was very worried my roux would be damaged. Thankfully Cajun Crate had gone above and beyond wrapping the product with cushioning, so everything arrived safely. Will order from you again!

❤️❤️ thank you! The struggle is real when shipping Roux. Especially in Gumbo season!

Just got it and already getting ready to make another - larger - order. This stuff is great on any kind of meat and we use it in Bloody Mary's - They are the BOMB!

Gluten free Etouffee

Made with shrimp, was as good as made from scratch.

Gluten free roux

I was so happy to find this! I wasn't sure what to expect, but it just tased like roux. My gumbo was gumbo! Yay! I didn't tell me kids -- they didn't know it wasn't what we normally serve! I'm so glad my gluten free friends and family can enjoy Gumbo this Christmas Eve! Thanks.

Makes an Excellent Gumbo

I know the gumbo “purist” look down on those who use pre-made mix, but who cares! This is good stuff!

This product is great

Amazing things.

I love this box. Already have meals planned with the things I got. Yummy can't wait.

You must NEVER stop selling these.

Best ever green beans. Replace both pickles with sandwiches and celery in Bloody Marys. Chop fine and add to tuna fish. They would last months in the fridge but never get that chance....

Cajun Power Chicken Gumbo 16oz

Ruth's Review of Roux

We loved it great favor and color was the best ever! I sent some to my son in Texas and he made Gumbo with it for the pipeline crew he works with
and they all loved it. It was so easy to work with so moist and gives a great base to begin your creation. We loved it and will definitely purchase it again!

Pig Stand Garlic Butter Basting Sauce

Very Good Strawberry Flavor

This "Fruit Treat - Strawberry" is just that. It is not a 'bright' flavor; but a very subtle adult flavor that has a very delicate taste and slight aroma of strawberries; with no overbearing strawberry acidity.

Great chili

Liked it so much I bought friends it for christmas

Great service

I ordered a product that I cannot get locally it came quickly and it was just what I wanted.


Louisiana Fish Fry Air Fry Coating Mixes were better than we thought. Taste great, works great in air fryer. Will be purchasing again.

My cousins in Washington LOVED the Cajun Crate that I sent to them! Its the perfect little piece of Louisiana to send to loved ones out of state that cannot get it everyday! Definitely recommend!!

Great flavour

A hint of spice, great on chicken. I haven't used it for anything else yet. Trying to figure out what else I can put it on. Highly recommend.

Hol-Grain Taco Mix

I was so excited to see you were carrying this product because I can’t find it locally anymore! Thank you so much & we will be ordering from you again soon.


These were so good! I love authentic pralines, and these were pretty dang fantastic.

Camp Dog Cajon Seasoning

Work real fine on Wyoming roadkill and russelled beef. Tried it on pork, poultry, beef and a pinch in my beer.

Fish chicken and pork air fryer seasoned mix

Done tried all three the chicken was great and better the next day better than using flour and cornmeal would purchase again.

Fantastic product

Discovered these Spicy green beans when I was in Biloxi, they were served at a restaurant.... I was hooked, if you like pickles you will love these green beans

Best stuff out there

I've probably been imbibing with this sauce for 30 plus years I give it away to friends and I become even better friends

Mello Joy coffee

Mello Joy coffee is my favorite but it’s not available around here. Through Cajun Crate I got it at a grwat price with prompt service and easy ordering. Couldn’t have asked for more. I’ll definitely order from Cajun Crate again.

Great spices

It's spicy but not to the point of hiding the flavor of what it is sprinkled on. Meats, potato salad, pasta salads, mac n cheese to name a few.