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Cajun Power Papa & Sweetheart's Pickled Beets
Angela from Alabama (Atlanta, US)
Perfect Texture & Taste

I usually purchase sliced beets so I wasn’t sure about whole ones. These are sweet, tangy, delicious and have the perfect texture to make your mouth water!! If you like beets, you’ll love these!


I use papa Dave’s on everything. Not as salty as big brand Cajun seasoning. It’s delicious!

Papa Dave’s Original Cajun Seasoning
Suzanne Conrad (New Orleans, US)
Better than Tony’s!

This seasoning is way better than all the other Cajun seasonings. It’s got flavor but not excess salt. It’s a game changer!

Papa Dave's Cajun & Herb Seasoning
Suzanne Conrad (New Orleans, US)
Best seasoning ever

This seasoning is my favorite! That herb flavor with the Cajun is unlike any other Cajun seasoning. It’s great on literally everything!

Papa Dave's Cajun & Herb Seasoning
Jeremy Dufrene (Baton Rouge, US)
Best Cajun seasoning available

This is my new go to seasoning for nearly everything. The added herbs adds a depth of flavor normally missing from other brands.

Papa Dave’s Original Cajun Seasoning
Paul Pierce (Pensacola, US)
Everyone of these are great

We use all of the seasonings. The cajun herb is my personal favorite, but cajun salt is a close second. It has that Louisiana kick, but balanced with good flavor.

Mam Papaul’s Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce Mix
Katy Tursic (New Braunfels, US)
Mam Papaul’s Bread Pudding w/ Rum Sauce Mix

I decided to try this mix after seeing it at my local grocery store. I was skeptical about it, but upon making it I have to say it is the best bread pudding I have had! Even my husband who is particular about this stuff loved it. I will definitely be keeping this in my cupboard.

The Cajun Spoon Shrimp & Grits Mix
Pamela Allen (Berkeley, US)
The Cajun Spoon Shrimp & Grits Mix

gave to a co-worker / she loved it

Cajun Power Garlic Sauce
Jessica Catrett (Morgan City, US)
Cajun Power Garlic Sauce

This product is absolutely amazing! We used the entire bottle in less than 10 days. It pairs perfectly with beef and poultry, and the garlic flavor is not overpowering. 10/10

Cajun Power Seafood Sauce Piquant, 32 oz.
George Moody (Brandon, US)
Taste like grandma’s!

The best “out of the jar” Creole/Cajun sauce I’ve ever eaten. I tasted a spoonful when I opened the jar and thought, this taste just like my grandmother’s. I added chicken & sausage and put over rice, outstanding! I can’t wait to try the Seafood Sauce Piquant this weekend! Thank you Cajun Power for a superior product.

Parish Rice
Marissa Jackson (Columbus, US)

We have switched and only buy parish rice

Daigle's Sweet and Habanero Heat
Carroll Perioux (Lafayette, US)
Daigle’s Habanero Sauce

EXCELLENT ON CHICKEN!! Still getting compliments on how great it made the chicken taste!!

Oak Grove Smokehouse Gumbo Base
glen arnold (Simpson, US)
great stuff

best gumbo base ever.

Very good

Very good flavor. I wish cajun power line was available at my grocery store

Good flavor

Good flavor not very spicy. It you want more heat get the cajun power spaghetti sauce

Good spice

I liked the flavor and the apice. It was a bit much for the wife but she can't take spice

Great flavor

My wife likes this and.she is a big baby when it comes to spice

Good stuff

Good flavor. My wife liked it and she isn't a fan of spice. I would recommend adding more biscuits than it states in the directions

Dat Ketchup
Steve (Dearborn, US)
Love it

This ketchup is great. Good taste and not overly spicy but a decent heat

Pig Stand BBQ Sauce, 32 oz.
Steve (Dearborn, US)
Love it

Great stuff! Discovered this on cajun crate and thus stuff is great on all bbq

Cajun Fry Dam Good Stuff Seasoning
Jerry Rollins (Portsmouth, US)

Best stuff ever, I’m hooked

Cajun Power Lightning Strike Hot Sauce
Randall Goodfriend (Las Vegas, US)
You gotta love this

Not too hot, just right with a hint of garlic


We ordered a few salt free seasonings. They were all really good. This one was no question our favorite. The chili powder really rounds it out.

Savoie's Real Cajun Old Fashioned Roux
Penelope Benoit (Canton, US)

I have ordered my roux from a few places. I always get the same brand and size and it makes my gumbo and meatball stew great! I will order from Cajun Crate again. Great service, price and came fast!

all good

good service