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Cajun Power Cajun Spaghetti Sauce, 32 oz
Brett Guidry (Lafayette, US)
My All Time Favorite

This is by far the best Cajun product out there.

Mam Papaul's Gumbo with Okra Mix
Gen Prejean (Hampton, US)


Guidry's Organic Pecan Butter
Sandra Ramirez (Covina, US)

Loved it.

Slap Ya Mama Hot Cajun Seasoning
Aretha Elliott (Millville, US)

Slap Ya Mama Hot Cajun Seasoning

Savoie's Real Cajun Old Fashioned Roux
JIMMY KINSELLA (Saint Clair Shores, US)
Getting there was a bit rugged

I opened the 32 oz jar I bought to discover I had to stir the separated oil into the roux--as the label advised. Wow. What a chore that was! The roux was the consistency of unworked clay. Worked through a heavy duty spatula, and two other serving spoons before the roux started to incorporate with the oil. Just getting the product back to its intended consistency took about 12 minutes. And my forearm muscles were screaming at me to rest a bit before going on.

But that effort was worth it. Using the prep suggestion on the jar label, the roux I spooned out into the pot of boiling water played out quite nicely. Nothing "instant" about pulling together a Gumbo with this roux, but I will do it again. And soon.

Cajun Fry Dirty Rice Mix
Wayne Grunewald
Quick and easy

This is the best mix I have ever used for dirty rice. When I moved I was unable to find it. Was so glad when I found it on there web site.

Cajun Fry Hot Pastalaya Mix
JIMMY KINSELLA (Saint Clair Shores, US)
What a find!

Included this pasta in my first grocery order from Cajun Crate. It wasn't quite an "after thought" but I was intent on choosing Cajun sauces primarily in my shopping. What a surprize the Pastalaya Mix gave us when I prepared it for a main course in one of our recent dinners! I chopped and stir fried onion, carrots & bell pepper, added a sausage link, and when the prep was ready, followed the package directions for the Pastalaya to complete this stovetop "casserole". It was wonderful! Brought a terrific spice presence to the whole dish. I'm glad I have two more packages to cook with soon.


Cajun Power Makin’ Chicken Gumbo
Aretha Elliott (Millville, US)

Cajun Power Makin’ Chicken Gumbo

Deck o Meal Cards
lpeel Peel (Shreveport, US)


Very tender

Recommended by friends and now I know why!

Pat O'Brien's Cyclone Mix
Joseph Barrett (Maryville, US)

Great product and great response time.

great beans

What is better than Ten bean soup as weather will soon have a chill? With the cost of groceries increasing learn to love beans again as a perfect protein. Ten bean soup and southern cornbread on the side. The best price

Cajun Power Cajun Spaghetti Sauce, 16 oz
Darlene Dilbeck (St Louis, US)
Cajun Power Cajun Spaghetti Sauce

Oh my Goddess!! The best spaghetti sauce EVER!!! I don't think I'm ever going to buy another sauce. It's amazing, tastes fantastic, and can't wait to try it with other recipes! Thanks so much for stocking Cajun Power Cajun Spaghetti Sauce! I love it!!

Cajun Power Rice Dressing
Shing Sutton (Antioch, US)
Unable to use it

I was really anxious to try this cuz my mother is deceased and I never learned to make rice dressing she made the best rice dressing you ever ate unfortunately I was unable to try it because when I unpacked it was leaking so I had to throw it away but I love all your products and I'm sure this is a good one too it was just leaking so I threw it away

Konriko Wild Pecan Rice, 7oz
Stanley (The Bronx, US)
Excellent quality and rapid delivery

The Kontico Wild Pecan Rice also included the flavor packet which is appreciated.

Cajun Power Makin' Chili
Anthony Stubblefield (North Augusta, US)
Cajun Power Chilli


Cajun Power Smothered Chicken & Gravy
Cajun smothered chicken and gravy

I ordered 3 jars and gave one to my neighbor from Louisiana. He said it reminded him of home. Ate both of my jars with chicken, amazing.

Slap ya Mama Low Sodium Cajun Seasoning
Linda Reeves (Arcadia, US)
the best

low sodium slap your mamma seasoning is so good. You will not miss the salt at all. This is the best for grits, collards, and so many other dishes. I love this product

Guidry's Organic Pecan Butter
L4egigi7 Preast (Sterrett, US)
Organic pecan butter

Delicious. No other brand can compare!

2 Sisters' Salsa - Fiesta
Stanford Bankston (Huntington Station, US)
Excellent salsa

I really enjoyed this product. It had a good balance of heat to flavor and also a good consistency for dipping, not too watery, not too chunky. Would definitely purchase again.

Cane Land Louisiana Praline Rum Cake
Laurie Knisely (Belmont, US)
It was ok, but overpriced

Spending $12 on what amounted to 2 small servings of cake, I expected it to be delicious. It was not, it was somewhat dry and had no praline taste. You could taste the rum, but it was nothing special and I would not order again.

Pat O’Briens Bloody Mary Mix
Jean Jacques Bordier (St. Petersburg, US)
Pat O Briens Bloody Mary Mix

Easy order process, fast delivery, and delicious Bloody Mary mix, thank you!!

Autin's Gumbo Mix
Susan Philibert (New Bern, US)
Gumbo Mix on the mark.

Gumbo was easy and so tasty!
I used chicken thighs, shrimp and sausage. Taste of NOLA! Such a treat for GF folks.

Jalapeno seasoning

Missed not having it, something NO ONE should be without, any an ALL veggies great with a dash (or two), cottage cheese, corn on the cobb, tomatoes, made better