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Good stuff

Will be the most amazing shrimp you ever tasted!!

Best syrup there is for biscuit night!

This syrup is soooo good. I’ve looked for equals in the grocery store, to no avail. Cajun Crate & Supply will ship it right out to you. I’m so glad I finally found this wonderful syrup!

Best taco seasoning ever

Paprika based taco seasoning so your tacos taste like tacos and not chili!! Finally!

Cajun Fry Jambalaya Mix


Love this stuff. Try it in scrambled eggs!!

Good Stuff

Good Stuff. I have used it in a stew and I also used it in a dip. Love it!


Love this seasoning. Works great for shrimp tacos

Bert Shipman

Excellent execution of my order!

Autin's Gumbo Mix

Best stuff

I love this seasoning. I'm so happy. I found it.

Great mix

Have been searching for a good gumbo mix for a while and this is one of the best ones I’ve found. Great taste.

My Favorite Subscription Box

I live 3+ hours from Louisiana but visit often. We always grocery shop when we go to stock up on cajun items we can't find in Mississippi. Subscribing to Cajun Crate has introduced me to new items that I haven't used before & now will definitely be buying again!

Is there a rehab for candy cause I need one now

I am hooked on the dark chocolate candy. The original is amazing but anything with dark chocolate & pecans gets my attention. This blend of rich dark chocolate, crunchy pecans & that hint of salt is perfect. I tell myself it's for "medicinal"reasons but really it's just delicious. It really should come with a warning label but try it for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Best Bar-B-Que

Love this sauce for anything that wants some bar-b-que sauce. Hard to find i my town, though. Has a delicious taste like no other sauce.

Autin's Dirty Rice Mix

My husband loves it!! Will buy more!!

great company to work with !

I will buy from again for sure!

Cajun Fry Jambalaya Mix

Great Roux!

Last year, our church used Rajin Cajun dark roux to make great quantities of fabulous gumbo for a fund raising luncheon. It was so successful, we’re doing it again this year with proceeds going to local charities. Thanks Rajin Cajun & Cajun Crate for making it easy.

Best Rice Ever

Don't know what it is - but we are spoiled to this rice. Always just the right texture.


Fast service. Great price

Excellent packing

Fast shipping.

Perfect Gumbo

So simple, we really enjoyed it.


The chips are fantastic especially with the Hola Nola Cajun Bean Dip


Excellent product. It makes the best gumbo. You made it easy for me.