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The best barbecue sauce in the world

Simply said: the best barbecue sauce in the world. The original is great too, but I love spicy the most. It has just enough heat to warm up your mouth. The whole family loves it too. I have to keep it away from the kids or they will eat it all up in no time! Whenever we run low we run low its a competition for the last drop!

Spice up your Chicken

This is a great spice to use when preparing a chicken on the barbacue or in other ways.

Great stuff

You can never go wrong with any Cajun Power products. We load up on their goods every trip home to Louisiana and on Cajun Crate. Love their spaghetti sauce especially.

I first purchased your seasonings on a vacation to tennessee. We loved it. Now were ordering these great seasonings on line. Love em.

Quick service

I am a repeat customer. Great product and fast service.

Zydeco Chop Chop

Zydeco Chop Chop is great for any dish

Excellent service for a great product

Special Hurricane Mix

Can’t get Pat O’ Briens hurricane mix where I live. Found it on Cajun Crate. Fast service great product.

Creole Tortilla

These are the best tasting tortilla chips I’ve ever eaten. The problem was in the shipping. All three bags were almost smashed to crumbs. That was so disappointing. Couldn’t really enjoy them with others as the bags were all crumbs.

My Favorite Version of Tabasco



So happy to find a source for my favorite (Family Reserve) Tabasco sauce that doesn’t overcharge for their items and even has very reasonable shipping rates! We took advantage of free shipping on orders over $60.00 and can’t wait to try out the different unique mixes (many are low sodium for the heart conscious). We know we’re be ordering form this site again. Thanks


Super fast shipping! Great job

The Cajun Spoon Chicken & Dumplings Mix

Mam Papaul's Crawfish Pie Mix

We really like this mix. We started using it making crawfish pies using left over boiled crawfish. They are very tasty!

Gumbo mix in the jar

I loved it will be buying more

Rajuningly awesome

Fantastic product. This is second time I have had it. It goes on everything

Slap your mama

Well, I like this seasoning. I put it in my crab boiled, I wish yall had the one with the butter already in it. Just a subjection....

Love Cajun Crate!

I purchased a Cajun Crate box this month for my parents that are out of state for a while. I had a little issue so I contacted customer service. I received a response within a few hours and the issue was resolved. Thank you so much for the awesome service and wonderful box! The items are great and my parents enjoyed it very much!

Best ribs I ever made.

Great on pork.

Good stuff

This may be the best seasoning I’ve used on scallops,shrimp and chicken. Great stuff

salt with a little zing!

what a great product. i love to use it when cooking. it adds a little zest to anything you would normally add salt to. it is great on corn on the cob!

Awesome stuff

Great product - Great service

I am originally from Louisiana and love the Sal and Judy's products. Unfortunately, I am unable to find them in Texas. Cajun Crate and Supply has an incredible selection of great Louisiana products. Shipment arrived promptly and was packaged exceptionally well. Will definitely order from them again!

Best seasoning

I love this seasoning on anything I bake

Fantastic Product

A fantastic product that allows you to experience Louisiana cuisine. Being on the west coast (Seattle) we don't even get access to products that came in the box. One thing that really sets them apart from other boxes is the recipes and themes to the boxes. Really fun food and a real blast to open every month. We don't get through all the seasonings quickly enough so a 6 months of boxes takes care of us for about a year, but that's our cooking habits.

Strongly reccommend to anybody interested in this type of food. It doesn't get more authentic than Cajun Crate.