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Cajun Power Garlic Sauce

$ 3.49

This sauce is what made Cajun Power famous. Chef Caro's original recipe garlic sauce is not hot, but perfectly seasoned. Every 8 oz. has two ounces of squeezed garlic in it. It's so versatile you can use it for cooking, marinating, seasoning, or pouring right out of the bottle on your favorite foods. It tenderizes meat and makes a beautiful brown gravy. This original recipe garlic sauce has been imitated by many but never matched. With a rich flavor, it is the foundation of every great Cajun Power product!  As an added note, this is the original label that was used when the Original Recipe Cajun Power Garlic Sauce hit the scene at the start of Chef Caro's dream.  It is packed with information because there's just so much you can do with it.  There's a recipe on the side of that label, Cajun Power BBQ Shrimp.

Available in 8oz Plastic Bottle & 16oz Glass Jar

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Fast shipping. Great product.


Awesome stuff

Jessica Catrett (Morgan City, US)
Cajun Power Garlic Sauce

This product is absolutely amazing! We used the entire bottle in less than 10 days. It pairs perfectly with beef and poultry, and the garlic flavor is not overpowering. 10/10