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About Cajun Crate

The idea behind Cajun Crate was born out a constant need to send loved ones Cajun fixings and staples. Anyone from Louisiana but now living outside of Louisiana knows it is hard to find good cajun products in grocery stores. We were constantly bringing coffee, soda, gumbo roux, jambalaya, and hot sauce to family and friends in other states whenever we visited. We started to make "cajun care packages" for our family that contained all the cajun staples. It was always like watching a kid on Christmas morning open up the package and inspect all the goods.  After talking to friends, this seemed as though everyone has to do this for loved ones living out of state.
Not to mention all the local goods we were also bringing to friends from Lafayette to New Orleans or Shreveport. We started discovering that even though something was made in Louisiana you might not be able to find it in all parts of the state.
This is a problem that needed to be solved! And thus, Cajun Crate was born! We have been going to farmers markets and local grocers ever since to find brands big and small, unique and small batch.
Our goal is to promote local and Louisiana owned. This way the small and large brands can gain more exposure and grow their businesses. Many of our brand partners source local ingredients, so when we support one brand we are supporting several other family-owned businesses.
We are locals that love helping locals.  Each box of Cajun Crate supports at least 7 Louisiana owned businesses. Cajun Crate features not only products made here in Cajun Country but also products made all over the state of Louisiana. We are Creole, Cajun, and Louisiana Certified.
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