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Baker Farms Popcorn Rice

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Della is an old variety of long grain aromatic rice. It smells like popcorn while it is cooking and has a distinctive nutty flavor. Popcorn rice enhances the flavor of anything you cook. This rice is grown and packaged exclusively at Baker Farms and Campbell Farms. Certified Product of Louisiana.

Available in 2 & 5 Pound Bags

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Love it!!!!!

Ordered several items from Cajun Crate, including this rice. My husband and I have always purchased locally grown rice here in Texas and decided to try something outside our realm. The popcorn rice is absolutely amazing. The flavor is excellent. It cooks like a dream, light fluffy and flavorful. My favorite soup in winter is chicken and rice with vegetables. Popcorn rice adds that extra pop of flavor and keeps its crispness in the soup. Well worth the purchase.

Barbara Taylor-Laino (Warwick, US)
Our favorite rice

Someone had given us a bag of this excellent flavorful rice a long time ago and we struggled to find a source - Cajun Crate was quick and efficient and the rice came fast and was fresh and perfect.

Mary Garner DeVoe (Richmond, US)
The right rice makes all the difference!

Popcorn rice adds an extra layer of flavor and Baker Farms is the best! And I love the cloth bag

Giuliana Mayo (Los Angeles, US)
Tastiest rice ever

Baker Farms rice and hot sauce were so flavorful and speedily delivered. Will be ordering again.

Michele LeBourgeois (Dayton, US)
Smells delicious

I love the smell of this rice while cooking but better than that,I love the taste it comes out light and fluffy

Blaine Tamplain (Katy, US)
Rice and Chilli

Wanted some Chili mix and popcorn rice we can’t get here in stores so placed my order and all went well. Now if can get some more Frog Bones blackening and camp dog. I’ll keep checking to see if they come back in stock seems they are popular