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Kary's Dry Roux, 8.0 OZ

$ 3.99
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Kary’s “No Fat” Dry Roux is flour browned without oil; therefore, it contains NO SODIUM and is a FAT FREE product. It is a healthy alternative to using a basic roux.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good prices, great shipping

This was my first buy from Cajun Crate and I was generally pleased with everything. The pricing was fair and the product is exactly what I wanted. If I can commend Cajun Crate it would be on the great protection they shipped my jars in. The box was beat all to pieces when it arrived from the carrier and I was very worried my roux would be damaged. Thankfully Cajun Crate had gone above and beyond wrapping the product with cushioning, so everything arrived safely. Will order from you again!

❤️❤️ thank you! The struggle is real when shipping Roux. Especially in Gumbo season!
Love Kary’s Dry Roux

We used to buy this at our previous home. We have recently moved and cannot find it any longer. I was very happy when I was able to purchase it online through Cajun Crate. We love this roux because it is made without grease and doesn’t have a lot of added seasoning so we can season to our own taste! So glad I found some good roux again!!

Best roux money can buy

My wife uses this roux in all of her gumbo's and spagetties and sometims in caned beans

Great great non fattening roux

I have been using this roux for years and years, when Walmart stopped stocking this I went to the company and got it. I am so happy I can have it again. I do not like all that grease when making stews, gumbo’s, and this is perfect on low fat meals!