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Cajun Power Cajun Spaghetti Sauce

Cajun Power Spaghetti Sauceis a carefully crafted and perfectly seasoned spaghetti and pasta sauce. Cajun Power prides itself on using only fresh ingredients including onions and premium diced bell peppers. All of their sauces are loaded with the best quality Romano cheese available. This is the same recipe Chef Caro has made for years in his personal kitchen. Use it on spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, and more!

Customer Reviews

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The only pasta sauce I will try

I have been searching for the best pasta sauce and I have found it. I was watching a cooking show based in Louisiana and a saw a jar sitting on the shelf. I thought to try and find out of curiosity. I ordered one jar and simply fell in love with this product. I purchased 14 more jars for my pantry. I have given a few jars to co-worker as well. I simply will spread the word and maybe will see it in my local store some day.

My 1st order

This was my first time to order from your company, we did so because of friends that order from you. I was not impressed with my experience. When I ordered it said last day to order to receive by Father’s Day, so I’m think yes I can put it in my husbands gift basket. But I was wrong, it did not arrive till Tuesday after Father’s Day. And then I had to call on Friday to see what was going on, and it hadn’t even been shipped yet.
I work where surveys are part of my pay, so I had to think long and hard about sending this back in. The only thing I ask is that is you say it’s going to be here on a certain day please have it here or drop me a note as to why not.
And yes I will try you out again, you have other products that I like and want to try and have good prices.


Hi Kerri, I am very sorry for the delay on this order, especially on a gifting holiday. We hope to change your mind on your next experience with Cajun Crate. We always appreciate honest feedback. We also hope your husband enjoyed the Cajun Power Spaghetti Sauce. -Tara Guidry
Good stuff!!!

My new go to sauce when I can't make from scratch, especially good for meatball sandwiches.

Louisiana's Kind of Sauce

This sauce is not like any other pasta sauce or spaghetti sauce I have ever tried. For us in South Louisiana, this is our kind of sauce!

All My Life

Where has this spaghetti sauce been all my life? I happened run across it in the grocery storeand decided to give it a try. There is no way I could or would ever go back to any of the spaghetti sauce brands advertised on tv and stocked on store shelves. There is absolutely no comparison. I am sold on Cajun Power and I will never eat another brand. So soooooooo delicious and worth every cent it costs and more.