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Cajun Chef Louisiana Green Hot Sauce

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Immature Louisiana cayenne peppers are used to make this pepper sauce producing a milder flavor from original Cajun Chef Louisiana Hot Sauce. The cayenne peppers are picked pre-mature therefore creating a natural green appearance. For real Cajun flavor, add to gumbos and soups. Sprinkle on seafood before frying or after boiling.

Available in 3oz & 12oz Glass Bottles

Customer Reviews

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Cathy Reese (Houston, US)
Cajun Crate is the "BEST".

Cajun Crate is all about their word, they ship fast, have affordable prices and your product arrives safe. I will order my favorite hot sauce from them knowing I can count on them. Thank you Cajun Crate.

Edward Koenig (Baldwin Park, US)

My whole family is addicted to the Cajun green sauce. They steal it right out of my cupboard if I don’t watch so I ordered many bottles to share

Roselee Douglas (New Orleans, US)

The processing was professionally done.