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Cajun Power Pork or Beef Stew

$ 8.49

Bring your family together each night for a meal that normally takes hours to prepare. We say normally because these mixes take only minutes to make.

All of Cajun Power's stews, gumbos, rice dressing mixes, and sauce piquants are already seasoned and loaded with fresh vegetables. All you do is add the meat or seafood and you're done. It's just the way Chef Caro would prepare it for Sunday dinner.

Available in 32oz Glass Jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

As authentic as you can get. Taste like maw maw made it.

Kim Svien (Brunswick, US)
Cajun Crate order

I was so happy to get my order. I use to buy the Cajun chili and spaghetti from Walmart but I haven’t been able to get them there lately. When I went to the Cajun Crate website I found a lot more items. I ordered some of them to try. Can’t wait to try them all.

Doug Mauro (Hammond, US)
Beef Stew

You just can’t beat this for fast meal or just as a base for even slow cooking a roast in crock pot or instant cooker.