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Denicola's Dirty Rice Mix

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Enjoy an authentic Louisiana dish made by Denicola's. Just add ground meat to the dirty rice for your next Cajun meal. Dirty Rice is a blend of Cajun/Creole seasonings, the 'holy trinity' of Cajun cooking (onion, bell pepper, celery), and ground meat. Traditionally, the meat in dirty rice would be chicken gizzards or livers which would produce a dark broth that would coat the white rice hence 'dirty rice'. The dish 'Dirty Rice' is typically found in New Orleans while the same dish with a different name can be found in the Acadiana region of Louisiana as 'Rice Dressing'.

Available in 12oz Packet

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Cumming, US)
Love this dirty rice

We made an order for several packages of dirty rice, gumbo mix and a jambalaya. Ordering was a breeze and this brand is super easy to use. I passed on the referral code and my mother in law ordered some too!

Carol McHenry (Morton, US)
Couldn’t be a better product!!

So happy with our purchase from Cajun Crate & Supply! It was delivered promptly after we placed our order. Can’t wait to try more of their products and so glad they were referred to us by a Cajun family member!

Edith Brand (Lena, US)
Another easy but delicious main dish!

Love Denicola’s mix packets. Every one is a winner! Repeat customer based on family feedback!