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Our Cousin Vinny's Red Gravy Pasta Sauce

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Born March 14, 1931, in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. His father Philip Sotile & his Mama Rosa Giambroni, originally from Caccamo, Italy, taught Our Lil' Cousin Vinny her Authentic Sicilian family recipes.

Vince's Diner opened in 1968, proudly serving his Mama Rosa's famous Red Gravy & meatballs for only $1! Our Cousin Vinny's dream was to bottle his Mama Rosa's love & feed the world, both young & old. Your bottle of Red Gravy is Our Cousin Vinny's lifelong dream come true! 

Available in 32oz Glass Jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Worst pasta sauce I've ever had.

Is this supposed to be some kind of famous sauce? Vinny needs to go back to cooking school. And people that keep buying it need to find some taste. This has exactly one flavor. Sugar. It's like tomato syrup. You can't even taste the tomato actually. It's just sweet. Just sickly sweet. Flat, OneNote, sweet. If you want to know what it tastes like without buying it, get some chef boyardee and strain all the sauce into a bowl. Dump in a cup of sugar. That's what this tastes like. Thank God I had some pecorino Romano to cover it up. I should have just made Alfredo. Of course maybe you like your sauce super sweet. If so, this will be right up your alley. Because that's what you'll get. But for me, no. I wasn't looking for dessert spaghetti.

L.R. (Kenner, US)

But it’s all my fault, I didn’t read the label “A LIL SWEET”.

Makena good one with some garlic and some sweet bay in it. I would try it for y’all.

Buddy Micelle (Diablo, US)