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Prairie Ronde Long Grain Rice

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$ 6.59

Rice is a staple in every culture in the world. Their rice is one variety that cooks evenly, and provides a good source of grain for your family.  Their product is gluten free and non GMO.

Available in 2 Pound Bags

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn F LeBrun
Best of My Seven Decades

The first time I decided to try the Prairie Ronde Rice, I thought how different can it be from run of the mill store brands, but I’ll give it a try. May I say a LOT different. Number one, it is just plain good, and non-GMO. But, the biggest difference is how each grain stands alone, whether when first cooked or reheated later. There has not been any clumping or mushy consistency at all.
I cannot recommend it enough!

Julie (Portland, US)
Delicious Rice

This rice is delicious and easy to prepare. Great when making beans and rice.

Mildred (Los Angeles, US)
A Taste of Home

So glad that I found a company that sells authentic Louisiana food. Pricing and shipping are great.