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Turkey Cajun Power Pasta

Turkey Cajun Power Pasta

There are so many ways you can use Cajun Power Spaghetti Sauce, and what better way than to use it with D'agostino Crawfish Shaped Pasta

This recipe is from Cajun Crate fan, Nicole. She has included a recipe for a single serving and also included the macros for those who count macros.
If you are cooking for more than one just double the recipe. 

Single Serving of Turkey Cajun Power Pasta
1/4 Cup of Cajun Power Spaghetti Sauce
1tsp of Garlic Powder
4oz Lean Ground Turkey
1oz Dry D'Agostino Crawfish Pasta

Cooking Instructions
1. Brown turkey and drain
2. Add spices and Cajun Power Spaghetti sauce to turkey and simmer on low heat
3. In a separate pot, boil pasta according to package instructions
4. Drain Pasta
5. Mix pasta with Turkey Sauce
6. Serve and Enjoy!

Protein 26g
Carbs 24g
Fat 12g
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